Handan City GuanTong Fastener CO.,LTD
Handan City GuanTong Fastener CO.,LTD

Handan GuanTong fastener Co., Ltd.

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Handan GuanTong fastener Co., Ltd., located in the west to Beijing guantong route, 18 kilometers away from handan urban south. Our company is the production of fasteners, with fixed assets of 30 million yuan.

     The main products are: The fastener series: Germany standard nut, American nuts, GB nut, high strength nuts drop in anchor,strong anchor ,  bolt anchor, wedge anchor, various special-shaped products, ect. Nut with annual capacity of 8000 tons.

     Company through the ISO9000 quality system certification, the introduction of advanced production equipment and technology, on the basis of quality, reputation as the fundamental, to establish a stable sales network and export trade, products sold at home and abroad, favored by users. By the cities and counties in the relevant units awarded the"advanced enterprises, contracts and keep promise unit, protection, quality trustworthy unit, tax advanced units'honor.

     Our company adhere to the rigorous, efficient and innovative enterprise concept, is willing to work with domestic and foreign new and old customers sincere cooperation, provide you with quality service and high quality quality products!

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